Admirals Shine in PGR Allstar Bowl

by Justin Moses

The River City Prep Admirals were represented by 4 members of its inaugural season in the 3rd annual PGR Bowl in Orlando, Florida as well as head coach Justin Moses who served as quarterbacks and receiver's coach for Team Underrated.

Admirals PGR Allstars:

3 Dwonya "DJ" Williams DB (DNP injured) DB

8 Bryar Schenck LB

15 Nappoleon Cion DB

54 Christian Markum DL

74 Samuel Adams OL

Linebacker Bryar Schenck (Team Exposure) and DB Nappoleon Cion (Team Underrated) both had interceptions. Christian Markum debuted at defensive line and had several QB pressures with offensive lineman Sam Adams being one of the better linemen on offense and showed some upside to his game.